I’ve removed my /author/ slug but it clashes with new and existing pages. Any fixes?

I’ve successfully removed my author slug using this tutorial: https://wp-snippet.com/snippets/remove-author-prefix-from-slug/

so it’s like website.com/author/cixxy to website.com/cixxy

My question is, if I have an existing page like website.com/readme , and a new user registers as readme nickname, then his author page will just redirect to the readme page.

Or if they registered already, then I won’t be able to use that nickname for a page anymore, right? So if they registered as “Contact” username, I won’t be able to have a /contact slug.

How can I prevent this? I see behance.net, facebook etc using both pages as the root and also users, so I’m guessing there has to be a way.

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